This SEO Strategy = 175.59% More Google Traffic (NOT CLICKBAIT)


Want to see an SEO strategy that actually works? Then you’ll love this step-by-step case study. In this case study I’ll reveal how I boosted my organic traffic by …


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  1. Home Business University
    Home Business University says:

    Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager. Susan Sontag

  2. Dea Kwon Kang
    Dea Kwon Kang says:

    Hi Brian! I am wondering that infographic could be one of just images . just Long and has more infomation. how does the google SEO machine know that is infographics and has lots of information? When you hit the press button, The google wouldnt know Infographic or not.

  3. Jaime Lesmes
    Jaime Lesmes says:

    Extraordinary information, but I have a question, I saw your infographic On Page SEO and I see that at the end you add a lot of text, it is necessary to add more than 1000 words of the infographic?

  4. Abscissa Core
    Abscissa Core says:

    Great results! Produce excellent articles or social networking Channels are the best method and strategy. Be confident that this will provide you a huge Domain and Page authority increase as well and increase your Google rankings! Great luck!

  5. ahatzigiannidis
    ahatzigiannidis says:

    So I too feel that I can't really describe how my product; T-Shirts/Art can help people with an info graph or any literature for the most part. I feel like a lot of my successful competitors just have their products for sale on their site with nothing to read hardly at all. Any advise would be great as I already started using your other techniques and have seen immediate results. Looking forward to learning more.

  6. Abhik Shome
    Abhik Shome says:

    First of all, great video, but I am confused about one thing – if you are offering the guestographic on the other site as it is, how can you then link it to your own blog? Isnt the guestographic already there for everyone to see in the other site along with a mini guest post?

  7. Mary Shepherd
    Mary Shepherd says:

    I love your videos. I'm about to start a business, and your video's are very informative. I feel like I'll have a lot of tools to help me succeed. I appreciate how animated you are, you create fun content without sacrificing professionalism. Then, there is how clear you speak. I'm hard of hearing, so if someone is low speaking or not clear within the first few seconds, I won't finish the video, no matter how good it seems like it'll be. So that's a big bonus for me. Thank you. I've subscribed, and I'll be watching more of your content in the near future!


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