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  1. Kesha Chiappinelli
    Kesha Chiappinelli says:

    Does anybody know of a video or Darrel maybe you have one for just updating the plugins. I am totally new. Only really know how to update my blog. I don't want to crash my site and I am not sure if I need to do anything before installing plug ins??! Thanks. Great video.

  2. Andrew Adolph
    Andrew Adolph says:

    Could you expand a bit on what I am looking for in a Freelancer? You mentioned Don’t pay more than 100 or so bucks for 6 to 10 keywords. What should I be asking the guy to do for me?

  3. Naveen S
    Naveen S says:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of promoting the quality of visits to a website in search engine. This SEO technique will increase both your website’s position and site visitors through the organic or natural search results which can be learned through our advanced SEO training.

  4. Blue Streak Science
    Blue Streak Science says:

    Everything looks great for me, except for ONE thing. When I do a google search my website appears as: Home | Blue Streak Science Podcast – Science and Nature | JD Goodwin. I DON'T want the word "Home" to appear, but I cannot figure out how to get rid of it. Anyone have any ideas?

  5. Humayun Kabir
    Humayun Kabir says:

    Hi darrel,

    I have configured the plug in but still showing "Open the configuration wizard again" to validate.I am confused whether my configuration is completed or i have to do it again.

  6. Christopher Christopher
    Christopher Christopher says:

    Hey Darrel great video, I just got the premium version after trying it out for a year. I have seen good results with it but wanted to now try the full version. I can't find a good video yet that explains the new things in it. anyways I would like to know if you have a video on this yet

  7. Michael Brigden
    Michael Brigden says:

    Apologies, bit of a noob here. On my version of Yoast on the dashboard (general) page I only have 3 tabs "Dashboard" "Features" and "Webmaster Tools" it means I can't toggle to enable any advanced settings nor access the tiles and metas. Is it the new version I'm using? And will it cause a problem? I'm just configuring the general settings and have inputted the google verification code now. Any help would be extremely apprciated! =]


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