How to hire an SEO


Google’s Maile Ohye shares her advice for hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to improve the searcher experience on your website.


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  1. Из Грязи В Князи
    Из Грязи В Князи says:

    Subtitles made very bad. Unreadable and take turns as a very fast "running line". But video is good. Thanks
    (Субтитры сделаны
    очень плохо. Нечитабельны и сменяются как очень быстрая "бегущая строка". Но видео хорошее. Спасибо.)

  2. Roastino
    Roastino says:

    I am trying to do SEO in house but it seems that I need a degree lol. !! Seems that in GDPR times optimising our web is more and more a necessity…. Will see…

  3. EngineeringFun
    EngineeringFun says:

    Would you please answer my question. How come if I take a paragraph (30 words or so) from a very original PDF I made 7 years ago (100% from scratch), my site is nowhere to be found on Google results. Other PDF's come up with loosely similar topics, in general obscure scientific journal papers. If I instead search a whole page (200 or so words including the title of the article), a couple of sites (including that stole and published the whole PDF from me (having my name and blog URL printed on each and every page) come up on first page of Google? Please reply, I need to know what to change. Thank you! the site is

  4. Abscissa Core
    Abscissa Core says:

    Fantastic outcomes! Produce excellent articles or Social Media Channels are the ideal method and strategy. Be confident that this will provide you a huge Domain and Page authority increase also and boost your Google rankings! Great luck!


    as a SEO expert, I can say many people who buy and hire wrong person or service.beacaue they have not any basic SEO knowledge.before hire a SEO expert, please learn something about seo.

  6. TAnalyzer Robo Advisor
    TAnalyzer Robo Advisor says:

    I spoke to tens of people already and they all sounds amateur, crook and greedy. nobody care about your business, they all promise things they can't do or know it is possible. I'm so desperate with finding good SEO for decent price, seems like it's mission is impossible


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