How to Optimize Google Snippets - MUST DO SEO


Kori Ashton shares her list of MUST DO tips for #SEO on your #WordPress website. Find out more information at You must optimize your …


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  1. colintonwebdesign
    colintonwebdesign says:

    Hi Kori, Thanks for the info. I'm specifically looking for help on adding images to the right hand side of mobile search snippets in Google to help results stand out. Do you have any advice?

  2. Raul Lepcha
    Raul Lepcha says:

    very useful and awesome video.thank you very much…..and, after following your video i got green signal in ma home page and in other pages too but when i search in google, why sco yoast snippet Preview (SEO Tittle and Meta description) is different in google search page? what i have wrote in Yoast snippet box, its not there in google search page ??? how can i fix it? how can i set my own Yoast snippet in google search page??? Thank You

  3. rajaa sam
    rajaa sam says:

    hi, thanks a lot for your meaning full video. I need a help from you, I am a garment exporter from India, my targeted country is the USA how to find right keyword to trigger my buyer to buy a garment from me, kindly support.

  4. JACK the KING
    JACK the KING says:

    I did everything with Yoast SEO but when my post is appearing on google it is showing author description in snippet description instead of showing what I have written in yoast snippet description about my post. Can you please solve this problem .

  5. ANGEL
    ANGEL says:

    I have a big problem after editing the meta title and description for my homepage with yoastWhen I search for my website it shows a whole different description and title from what is in the yoast snippet preview please help me

  6. Elmo one
    Elmo one says:

    hi Kori i just make a website for 1 month and i write some articles . but the problem is . the website not show up on google search engine . so please can you help with some tools

  7. habeeb ullah
    habeeb ullah says:

    hi i need your help my snipet for home page is this
    Home – Firosh
    Meta description preview:Our Moto Provide Quality Product at affordable pirce Save you precious Change the definition of online marketing On Sale Products Recent Reviews Top rated P
    but google is giving this
    Index of
    12:37 – [TXT] 6B2C7CB5B0D397C73D0AF95E6F72F1FC.txt 17-Mar-2017 12:07 4k. Proudly Served by LiteSpeed Web Server at Port 80.
    where is the issue please help
    snipet for all other pages are working fine

  8. Beer Today
    Beer Today says:

    Hi Kori, Always love the WordPress Wednesday videos and make use of the tips on my UK beer news website,
    This video was particularly useful because I'm sure I can't be the only reasonably intelligent person in the world who thought that the prompt for 'focus keyword' meant literally one word. As you can imagine, with a niche site there are certain words – such as beer, lager, IPA etc – that come up a lot in content, so the revelation that you can have more than one keyword makes this video worth its weight in gold! Cheers, Darren

  9. Chris Mauro
    Chris Mauro says:

    Hey Corey, Love webtegrity videos they are very appreciated, you do a great job with explaining things! Quick question about snippets, I have edited my clients website snippets ( ) and some woocommerce product snippets repeat or show a recommend product in the snippet, which both things make the snippet look very cluttered. How can I fix this ?


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