How to Write Blog Posts for SEO


Do you want more eyes on your business? Yes or Yes? This video is a list of ways to create blog posts/articles/podcasts that improve your Search Engine …


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  1. li anira
    li anira says:

    Since I was little I always liked to express myself and give my opinion trying to turn things for good, I even used to wash dishes or studing like talking to an audience! I used to write a lot, really, a lot, I don't know when I stoped dreaming about it, and your video just inspired me more now that I feel that my big barrier is the languange, I'm from southamerica. Thank you, I have more ideas now 🙂

  2. Cookie Crumb Fun
    Cookie Crumb Fun says:

    This info is very helpful and it is getting the wheels turning in my head. I need to improve my blog posts and my YouTube channel content. OH boy, this is just what I needed today. Thank you so much for sharing it,

  3. Aj Drakie
    Aj Drakie says:

    I am so happy that I paid for your CreativeLive show on Branding strategies! It was so helpful and motivating. I also really enjoy these follow-up emails. You're great. Keep 'em comin'!

    What I have struggled with a bit is knowing how to apply all of these techniques to my online greeting card business. Even though at first glance I don't see how they are transferable, the more I learn, the more I say, "Yes!" It works. It's just putting on a different pair of lenses.

    Thank you, thank you.

  4. Haley Hays
    Haley Hays says:

    This is PERFECT for me because I'm starting a blog for my new photography website this week! Thank you so much, I've followed you from the beginning of my business three years ago and you've not only inspired but influence many of the styles and techniques I use today not only behind the camera but with clients too. Hope to meet you one day <3 God bless, xoxo


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