Selling SEO & PPC: Live Cold Call


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  1. gunz
    gunz says:

    Charlie, first of all congrats for having the guts to cold call at all. It's intimidating. However, you could have handled this better. Offering "information" is a terrible approach. It rarely leads to you earning money. Next time, go with something like "You know, I could send you all the information you could dream of – case studies, our SEO methods, the whole 9…but even if you DO read through it (which you probably won't) it will only be an EDUCATIONAL EXERCISE. Your profit from this will be ZERO. Let's set up a time when we can sit down together and really go over what we do. If the numbers make sense, we'll do business. If not, I'll happily walk away, no harm, no foul. Does that sound fair enough to you?"

  2. interiorbydesign
    interiorbydesign says:

    First off "hey Devon" is not a proper opening. Next thing is never say I just started working for an unknown company for an unknown amount of time. Next thing is when the prospect says I don't think we have the budget right now because our advertising dollars are tied up in other ventures. " No problem Devon "never Sir or mamm " as a former small business owner myself I can appreciate the budget concerns" I'm not here to waste your time as I know your busy. And value my time just as well. But if I could demonstrate the ability to put you on the front and first page of the search engines that basically run the world, would that raise an eybrow? Ok what If could do that at an affordable price with a performance guarantee in writing. Fair enough? Then you go into pricing, and close. Get some sales game down boys!!

  3. Yader Gaitan
    Yader Gaitan says:

    I just subscribed today… i start cold calling tomorrow!!! I have done it for a company previously who sells home security alarms. Now I have another opportunity to take my experience to the next level with a web marketing company. Your calls are very helpful. Thanks.

  4. Josh DTM
    Josh DTM says:

    Dude! I just did my first few (more like 30) cold calls this morning! I was so nervous my hands were shaking! Glad to see there are videos specifically for digital marketing cold calls. Thanks, Charlie!

  5. rbgolfer2013
    rbgolfer2013 says:

    This is not an accurate representation of cold calling. I do it for a living selling PPC for one of the elite AdWords partners with Google where the product basically sells itself, and having 5 of these conversations in an 8 hour day is GREAT.

    Cold calling is for those with huge balls and massive amounts of patience. It will teach you how to be resilient, quick-witted, and positive regardless of who is on the other line.

    I wish my calls went like this.

  6. dcrockafella
    dcrockafella says:

    build WIDE REPORT … get them talking..key to repot is trust building.. so narrow report is sticking to so you like NASCAR? and going on and on about that… wide report is NASCAR? oh I like cars.. my ad owned a shop.. we liked to go fishing.. deep sea fishing.. scuba diving. the customers unconscious brain now feels like they trust you since now you've taken them on a journey… this technique works best at conferences and face to face really -derek


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