Seo Linn - Caisleán ar an Droim (Castle on the Hill le Ed Sheeran as Gaeilge)


Seo leagan Gaeilge don amhrán breá nua ó Ed Sheeran, Castle on the Hill. This is an Irish language version of Ed Sheeran’s new song, Castle on the Hill.


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  1. kelly hewitt
    kelly hewitt says:

    I am of a generation of Irish who was always told the image of my people was as drunkards and morose which I would always take offense and try to prove otherwise, but ever sense, thanks be to God, this young group of intelligent and proud Irish have back to their and language it is a proud day in morning and thanks to all of you who have embraced and show it proudly!!!!!!!

  2. caseymcpoet
    caseymcpoet says:

    Love it lads. Put the American translation there too so your soul brothers & sisters can feel the burn, the fire, the Word, the desire. How it all turns and spiraling inside we begin where we end, smarter, hardened from the 3D suffering, pain & pleasure, pick up the ball and run. keep the Faith. Coinnigh an chreidimh.

  3. Aaron Buckley
    Aaron Buckley says:

    It's people like SEO LINN that will decide to keep the language going through song and dance however more and more people feel Irish is useless and the Government isn't doing Shit I fear we are heading down A language decline


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