DIY SEO: 11 Simple Steps to Ranking on Google


Search engines are a fantastic resource to get visitors to your website. Unfortunately, helping search engines find and rank your website for inclusion in it’s …


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  1. Dimitri Dehouck
    Dimitri Dehouck says:

    How haven't I found your channel earlier? This is pure gold. I've seen allot of video's about seo but you explain it so thoroughly. Thank you so much for your time for making these. You helped me allot! And you've got yourself a new subscriber😊

  2. Julio Castillo
    Julio Castillo says:

    As always another great video, full of Gold Nuggets. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chris A. Hughes for such wonderful content. Blessings Sir!
    PS. Would you said Wikipedia pages would help on SEO? Should these 11 steps be part of a normal website design service or could one charge separately for this? Thank you again 😊

  3. ISO Online
    ISO Online says:

    Another great video Chris, Thanks you! – I especially like the bloopers – It's a subtle way of showing if at first you don't succeed, try & try again! ( I hope you and your wife had a great trip)

  4. D E
    D E says:

    Professional lurker here… You sir, are a force. This is a gem of a channel, and your no bullshit straight to the point to achieve is VERY MUCH appreciated. If things go well, I would hope to some day meet ya, and who knows…. A Nerd's World Chicago? 😉 You keep making these videos, and I'll keep getting to work. I can confidentiality speak for all of the viewers, we truly appreciate these informative vids, these random tidbits that give us piece of mind, these insights to get us to the next step. Thanks again, much love to you and your family, take care and stay warm bud.

  5. Wadood
    Wadood says:

    Great tips. Please discuss the importance of pillar and cluster content and how that would be structured for services pages for a local business vs how it's structured for the blog of that same business.


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