SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2016 | What Is SEO and How Does It Work?


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  1. Silver Crow
    Silver Crow says:

    "Learn seo by yourself. Don't watch some video on youtube or rely on someone else"
    5 sec later
    "Here's where you can watch a 13 hr long video on SEO"

    What's the difference really?

  2. ashmal wasif
    ashmal wasif says: Why our software is the World's most powerful link building software ? Our Software supports UNLIMITED website platforms. You can submit your backlinks/content to following main platforms with support built right in: • Web 2.0 Blogs • Social Network Posts • Social Bookmarking • Web Directories • Wiki Articles • Press Release • Article Directories • Web 2.0 Profiles • Forum Profiles • RSS

  3. Mandeep Gill
    Mandeep Gill says:

    I'm an Indian, and yes you are right. Indians underestimate themselves and are ready to work at much cheaper rates. You try to get a blogger from India, you will only have to spend 2 dollars per article. Not just any article, but SEO article. I always try to encourage Indian freelancers to up their game, this is just sad.

  4. Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Emmanuel Rodriguez says:

    Hi Darrel, I’m completely alien to this and I really want to learn this, so thanks for sharing the info!
    Also, I just created my website, I’m kinda stuck where to go from there do you have any suggestion? Your help would be greatly appreciate it!

  5. Wilderness Voice
    Wilderness Voice says:

    When I type in my name I'm the first image you see. A realtor comes up most but I'm #3😂 My old MySpace image & my FB page is the website. I have been on social media since each site created & online since invented. But if you're marketing a store or product that's not your name this will be tricky.

  6. Kristina Bjelić
    Kristina Bjelić says:

    No matter that this site is more promotive than educational, I find it useful because I'm aware the fact SEO is not easy. And a guy is just sharing his experience with the best way how to start with being educated. I appreciate the advice.


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