The Major META Tags for SEO - Title, Meta Description, and Keywords Tag


Page Tags communicate your keyword priorities to Google! (Materials at In this video, we’ll look at three major “Meta” tags – the TITLE, META …


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  1. Bob's Onsite Computer Repair
    Bob's Onsite Computer Repair says:

    Thank you very much! The Progressive example is just what I was looking for! Was confused as to how to use keywords, especially multiple keywords. Your video helped me figure it out perfectly! Thanks again! If you search for Cincinnati computer repair, you can see how my website is doing on search engines without many backlinks and me making my own website which isn't super fast loading according to Google.

  2. Wayne Jordan
    Wayne Jordan says:

    yoast sux. The free version only lets you use one keyword to rank for per page. So if your making a squeeze page or a landing page just add you tags via html. Check out adding them as php. Its truely the smartest way to optimise

  3. Flavius Tech
    Flavius Tech says:

    You talk about yoast plugin for wordpress for tags, but you give an example how to create seo friendly for article posts, not how to optimize tags. Those are optimizations for posts/articles how to build posts with snippets and meta descriptions, that example has nothing to do with tag keywords. Would be better an example how to make yoast to display in search results your tags with some specific keywords, so you can make them look nice in google search results. I got 35% increase in traffic by optimising tags on how they will look in google search results. I even got on first in google for some keywords used in tags.

  4. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler says:

    Do you know any way I can see what someone else has used for keywords on a youtube video? That is, can you just view source and find them or are they handled differently?


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