Top 5 Must Have SEO Extensions for Google Chrome | Best Easy Screenshot SEO Tools Part 1 [Hindi]


Best Easy Screenshot – Top 5 Must Have SEO Extensions for Google Chrome – SEO Tools For Best Easy Screenshot – Hey guys! My name is …


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  1. valdi fernando
    valdi fernando says:

    many people talk about SEO and I didn’t
    understand about that anymore  After I
    watched this great video, I got many information about that  You can visit speedrankseo to get detail
    information about SEO

  2. DMW OBA
    DMW OBA says:

    Hello Ranjeet Sir you are one of the awesome teacher in the word….
    I want to make my self as second ranjeet (chota Ranjeet) in the field of digital marketing.
    i watch your video and creat my you tub account but i face lots of problem what should i do….and i dont know how to make video by which software.????

  3. Etay Gudai
    Etay Gudai says:

    Hi There,
    Thank you for the Video.
    Short question : it seems that you made this video with Nimbus as well,
    How did you remove the Visible part of page toolbar ? and how do u magnifies a section on video ?
    Thank you


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