Ultimate SEO Copywriting Tips That Still Works in 2019 & Beyond


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  1. Denise Davis i write 4 HIM
    Denise Davis i write 4 HIM says:

    I have been searching for information on this for sometimes now and this is honestly the BEST that I have found. It has truly helped me understand how I should go about writing post for my blog. The only area where I am not clear on is the negative footprint part. How do I find the negative words to use? I hope you see my comment and can answer this for me. Thank you again for making this!

  2. RivieraMan
    RivieraMan says:

    Hi, great video thanks.
    Do you have any advice on how your methodology might change if you were writing a front page of a company website, as opposed to an article?
    For example, writing the website home page of a company that sells fishing rods vs an article about fishing rods?

  3. raja kumari
    raja kumari says:

    Very very good information, Definitely,
    I follow your steps for better results.
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    Check SEO Tool checks the status of the website as per SEO standards, and it helps to find website analytic to provide you precious insights. The On-Page SEO term refers to the things that an individual can do ON their website for getting a higher rank. CheckSEO improves the site position in search engines.

  4. Sivaprasad Paliyath
    Sivaprasad Paliyath says:

    Thanks a ton. Your clarity on the topic really amazing and your willingness to share to everyone deserves many applause. Actually, I had 3 questions which I think would be useful for all the others who have posted under your video. So would appreciate if you can answer them here:

    1. You said to "Have multiple sub-titles H2 that are relevant to the keyword". Can you elaborate what you meant by Relevance?

    2. Are theme words same as focus keywords (or keywords) for a page? Are they different? If so how should we distinguish? Can you explain with an example?

    3. Are the Theme words same as LSI keywords? Do you know any tools that help us get the theme keywords around a keyword or focus keyword?
    4. How can I find the keywords that will create a negative footprint that makes google understand an article contains advanced knowledge? Do you suggest to use Wikipedia or ntopic.org again ? or any other?

  5. Manoj Philip
    Manoj Philip says:

    Will Google see content that people have to subscribe for?

    For example, let's pretend I have content that people have to subscribe to in order to see. If I write an article for that subscription content, can Google see that content and still rank me high in the results? Or does my content have to be visible to everyone, i.e. Not subscription-based?

  6. Renaxerus
    Renaxerus says:

    I scoured the internet in search of learning the best methods of SEO in 2019, and your video is the best ive come across so far. Thanks for the guide, great info! 🙂

  7. Pinpoint Marketing
    Pinpoint Marketing says:

    I have read recently from a google source that regarding duplicate content you mentioned – who ever website ranks highest in authority will be regarded as the original content owner!

  8. Dylan van Essen
    Dylan van Essen says:

    Can someone clear this up for me? I wonder if I should still be using synonyms while writing content or not. The subject was highlighted secondly and was about Google Bots that know the synonyms of words. So basically this says there's no use to come up with synonyms? Other than the fact that it should be used to create variety in your text, it doesn't help your content ranking higher in the Search Engine Result Page, right?

  9. Kelly A. Burnett
    Kelly A. Burnett says:

    Exceptional content from 'negative footprint' to unique words to natural use of advanced words to the website that analyzes relevant. After writing online for over 5 years, I learned more in these 35 minutes.


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