BATTLE OF THE TITANS.... "Client SEO" vs. "Pay-Per-Lead"

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  1. Jdgaf myob
    Jdgaf myob says:

    why do people keep discrediting PPL over SEO?! personally SEO is inundated, not guaranteed conversion and people's browsing habits per search certainly us not stickable on any one site

  2. Gary Anderson II
    Gary Anderson II says:

    At 27:10 to about 27 :32 ; I had to disagree. The point was severely exaggerated to make a different point. And so far, I've never taken money from a client and not gotten them on page one…resulting in their phone ringing. And the "100% ethical" part? Well, again, exaggerated, not a lie per se just to be clear. If I do not "Do Good" for me client, then the money I may or may not get does not taste so good to me. I do seo for a business and If I get hit by a bus, his site still works as it should. But pay per lead? That is a great deal for "me", yes of course. But what "Good have I done for"….the business owner and his family?

    This is just my own personal views and how I am and think based on the things that matter most to me. I do not claim to be right or wrong…but I could be wrong. Hey! That was almost funny! 😉


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