Google SEO for Dummies


Google SEO For Dummies, Deadbeats, and Beginners! In this video, I reveal “The Magic 3” web properties you can use to leverage into better search engine …


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  1. Kumar G
    Kumar G says:

    Hey Dan, you are super amazing. I have a question, I see some websites with extremely low DA and PA are ranking higher in search, in fact youtube and huffposts are behind them. How is it possible?!

  2. Squirrel Attackspidy
    Squirrel Attackspidy says:

    What's up Deadbeat dude? Let me ask you the super important questions. 1. Will this work in 2018 in Barrow, Alaska? 2. Who is still listening in 2018? BTW, I've subscribed. I smashed the thumbs up and subscribe button but I broke my keyboard in the process.

    BTW – I like this video. Specific info with no course offerings. 🙂

  3. Serina Wolfe
    Serina Wolfe says:

    I see this was recorded in 2016 . Is this still up to date with those websites as ranking ? Things are changing fast. Wix has its own Affiliate Amazon Apps now that has SEO and opened up a month ago. Thank you !!!

  4. ARPATech PR
    ARPATech PR says:

    Great video, very helpful for beginners to learn about SEO. You have astonishingly defined the relationships between Tumblr, WordPress, & Weebly, and how to an individual can leverage into better search engine rankings in short time. Great work!

  5. Marquin Brewer
    Marquin Brewer says:

    Hey Dan, nice video I'm new to seo but I have been trying affiliate marketing for awhile without success. I will definitely check out your program. I definitely think that physical products are the way to go.


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