How to Get Higher Google Rankings in 2019 [New Checklist]


Want higher Google rankings in 2019? Then make sure to check out this new case study. In today’s video you’ll see how my SEO checklist helped Proven …


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  1. Yates Harrison
    Yates Harrison says:

    I love your videos! You mentioned Zombie pages…what is a good strategy to use. I have built out several pages that are geo-targeted but now I'm thinking maybe I should combine them into one page instead to beef up the content on a given page. What is the best strategy to do that OR do I need to just start over with a new page? Can I just combine all the content and then make a redirect for the pages that I combined?

  2. Synergy Strategies™
    Synergy Strategies™ says:

    I did the GTMetrix – have do you fix leverage brower cashing, serve scaled images, avoid landing page redirects (what does that mean – your home page can't have links to pages?), combine images using CSS sprites, specify a very: accept-encoding header. If you have an videos for these things, can you post links? Thanks! 🙂 Thanks for your video above. I am going for zombie pages first that have short content … but feel a little overwhelmed with that.

  3. Synergy Strategies™
    Synergy Strategies™ says:

    How do you find zombie pages – I understand short pages and those can be combined. I understand old content pages on blogs. I don't understand the "searched" pages and how to change that setting or how to assess if you have "pages" that are zombie in that they are just not visited or what. My site has a lot of pages – and guessing I need to get rid of some, but struggle to know what is not valuable.

  4. Steel Bronson
    Steel Bronson says:

    Amazing content, easy to follow and subbed👍
    I have a local business and on my website I have a service area page with over 45 clickable suburbs that each say the same speel about services etc like a landing page for every suburb . Should I scrap the links and just list the suburbs? I thought that a customer searching "repairs in suburb X" would show up that suburb page as a landing page but sounds as though that's wrong for a few reasons.

  5. Kunjal Chawhan
    Kunjal Chawhan says:

    These small improvements can have remarkable impacts in SERP.

    The other day, I updated content on "The Complete Social Media Marketing Guide [2019]" with additional keywords & requested re indexing from Google Search Console.

    Result, from 48th position, it shot up to 8th position for search "social media marketing guide"


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