Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Mobirise


Learn how to optimize your site for search engines using Mobirise. There are some predefined fields in Mobirise for you to input meta information but the power …


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  1. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  2. Helen Enang
    Helen Enang says:

    I love mobirise so much but the problem is how to publish to web, integrate payment platforms, remote editing. Once anybody can assure me these are possible I'll be the happiest

  3. karchess
    karchess says:

    Hello Brian, i admire your videos, i want to know if i can implement some SEO optimization like the one yoast does in wordpress in an AMP mobirise template? i was even thinking copy and paste the yoast info created in a wordpress test site, and paste in the AMP template, using maybe code editor?

    Hope i made my self easy to understand, best regards

  4. pedro Bezerra
    pedro Bezerra says:

    na nova versão nao tem isso ai, eu coloco no index.html manualmente faço assim

    <title>recarga de toner em belem</title>
    <meta name="keywords" content="recarga de toner em belem"> veja no meu site como ficou é uma pena que não tem mais essa opção

  5. Jeff Stuart
    Jeff Stuart says:

    Hi Brian,
    Thank you for the great series of informative videos. Well done. Thank you, again.
    At about 2:15 (or so) you begin discussing entering info into the “Inside <head> code:” box.
    You point out that each page would need to be edited individually and the difficulty involved with a site having more than 5 pages.
    Could this task be accomplished by using the Mobirise Google Analytic Extension you reviewed on March 9, 2016 ( and using it to universally paste a different code in the <head> sections of all pages on the site? Or am I overlooking a factor?

  6. YM Fab hair and beauty
    YM Fab hair and beauty says:

    Thanks for posting more information about SEO mobirise but unfortunately I'm facing an issue after adding keywords on inside <head> code after publishing I can see all keywords on the top of the page any help please?

  7. Harry Hirsch
    Harry Hirsch says:

    Hello Brian, thanks for this great video. I've downloaded Mobirise last days. But I can't find the option for setting header tags (H1, H2,…). Is it a question of settings? Thanks in advance!

  8. Owen Dawson
    Owen Dawson says:

    thanks for the video. i was noticing that when you clicked on the gear you basically had 4 boxes to add metadata. i only have the first box listed (meta description). i downloaded your app a few days ago but it appears as if its not a current version? do you have a link that would have the additional meta boxes? thanks

  9. Jonas Bell
    Jonas Bell says:

    You can add head tags to all pages at once if you go to settings for the "website" itself, not the individual page settings. This is where you would want to put your google analytics code as well as code you would want on all pages.

  10. AnPat Media
    AnPat Media says:

    I was wandering how do you deal with render blocking css and js files in mobirise? Is it possible to combine the files into one? Or would this jut be overwritten when you do an update.

  11. Sahadat Hossein
    Sahadat Hossein says:

    hello brian how are you. please help me for some critical problem. recently i download some project and it not included mobirise project file. and i dont want to use dreamweaver to customize those.

    so how can i use those mobirise free template in mobirise.


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