Seo Linn - Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile


Tá Féile na Físe á heagrú ag Seachtain na Gaeilge chun ról na Gaeilge agus cultúr na hÉireann i 1916 a chomóradh i scoileanna ar Lá an Fhorógra (15 Márta …


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  1. cache marzipan
    cache marzipan says:

    After I wrote something nice and beautiful about this music I just got shitstorm from Ireland, I don´t know why this must be and so I stop writing here I just liked this music, never wanted to get into politics

  2. Trish McCulloch
    Trish McCulloch says:

    My family is of fine strong Irish blood. My mother passed away last week after a long fight with M.S and end stage c.o.p.d. This will be playing loud and with pride as I scatter her ashes at sea. Rest easy mom. You are welcomed home….

  3. Bruce Bostick
    Bruce Bostick says:

    im an old steel unionist, a red that stands solidly w the heroic irish people fighting for freedom, justice and a workers republic. I dont know, truely dont care about what nation my great greats came from. stand with the irish people because my nationality is justice!

  4. Dick Head
    Dick Head says:

    The eu,un all Zionist banks media, ngos and borderless charities must be destroyed and all Marxist collages refunded for Ireland to keep it's Irish cultural, heritage, identity and for OUR children to have a safe peaceful future.

  5. 1manuscriptman
    1manuscriptman says:

    Welcome ! oh woman who was so afflicted,

    It was our ruin that you were placed in bondage,

    Our fine land put in the possession of thieves…

    And you sold to the foreigners!

    Oh-ro You're welcome home,

    Oh-ro You're welcome home,

    Oh-ro You're welcome home…

    Now that summer's coming!

    Gráinne O'Malley is coming over the sea,

    With armed warriors along with her as her guard,

    They are Gaels, not French nor Spanish…

    And they will rout the foreigners!

    Oh-ro You're welcome home (x3)

    Now that summer's coming!

    May it please the King of Miracles that we might see,

    Although we may only live for a week once it comes to pass,

    Gráinne Mhaol and a thousand warriors…

    Driving out the foreigners!

    Oh-ro You're welcome home (x3)

    Now that summer's coming!

  6. mac423
    mac423 says:

    Really like the beginning. Sung with power, over the wail of the sound of pipes (accordion in this case, well played). Breakdown into modernism was a bit much for me, but keep the words and faith of Padraig Pearse alive boys.

  7. Brooke Goslin
    Brooke Goslin says:

    Wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Magnificent ! Love This Tune & The Sound Of The Lyrics I've Learnt It Pretty Darn Good I Can Sing It Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! ❤️🎶👍🏻🙏🏻💫✨

  8. Kelli Andrews
    Kelli Andrews says:

    I am proud of my Irish Blood and French from my dads ma !!
    From Her husband Scottish and Welsh
    Weirdly growing up i was drawn go all things Scottish and Irish which are the 2 dominant bloodlines
    This is Beautiful

  9. 1950's Television
    1950's Television says:

    Gaelic, both Irish and Scottish, is such a powerful, gorgeous and mysterious language. I primarily want to learn Scottish Gaelic due to my ancestry but also in a small way help preserve a gorgeous language.

  10. Alexa Carmack
    Alexa Carmack says:

    HOW DO THESE SOUNDS COME OUT OF A HUMAN?! I cry every single time I listen to this. It awakens something primal in you. There's nothing so powerful as Celtic heritage.

  11. Warrior
    Warrior says:

    Oh-roe shay duh vah-ha wall-ya,
    Oh-roe shay duh vah-ha wall-ya,
    Oh-roe shay duh vah-ha wall-yaaa,
    Ah-nish air hawkt un tauw-rEE!

    Shay duh vah-ha uh vahn bah layn-var,
    B-Ay air grack too veh EEnn gay-vin,
    Do-oo-EEv rah-EE shay-live mare-lawchk…
    Iss too deal-tah lesh nah Gah-live!


    Tah gran-yah wail egg chawkt ar saul-yah
    Oh-gulEE ar-muh lay mahr gard-uh
    Gayl EE-ad fayn iss nEE Gahl nah spahn-EE…
    Iss cur-fee(d) shEE-id roo-ig air Gah-live!


    Ah vEE leh rEE nah vairt guh veck-ann
    Mun-uh mEEn b-yo in-uh jeh-i(d)-ock shawktan
    Gran-yah wail iss mEE-leh gahsh-kEE…
    Egg foe-gurt fahn air Gah-live!

    [chorus again]

  12. Porter Crane
    Porter Crane says:

    I'm a 13 year old from midwest U.S.A. and I'm trying to learn Irish Gaelic and honestly it's so hard when people ask "Why?" or "What's the point?" xD. It's so cool to read some of these things and understand even a little bit of the words. I apparently know around 720 words of the amazing language and counting!


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