SEO on Shopify - Optimizing Product's for the Search Engines


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  1. Yehoshua Racz
    Yehoshua Racz says:

    Hi I know well WordPress and SEO but I have now first client with shopfy
    So the question is: in Shopify you have plugin like “Yoast” ? Yoast big help in WordPress site for on page SEO, is there a plug-in on Shopify?

  2. Michael Mackenzie
    Michael Mackenzie says:

    Hey man, great video – But what about the Homepage title/Homepage meta description ? Do you do it the same way? Work the keywords in a paragraph, or cram all the keywords in? Thanks!

  3. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    So just by doing this for each one of your products is essentially SEO for your store? I am new to ecom, and just launched my store last week. Have been spending all my time focusing on IG and FB trafic

  4. Josh Lou
    Josh Lou says:

    What if some title and description is very similar? Is that true try to give each product a unique description? Very nice video it's really easy to understand thanks man

  5. Hair Salon
    Hair Salon says:

    Hey CasualEcommerce I had a question about returns, say that my shopify products are all for dropship from aliexpress but I don't live in the U.S, which is where I plan to target my FB ads. How would you go about taking care of any returns if there's no physical address?


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