Yoast Seo Tutorial 2016 - How To Setup Yoast SEO Plugin - Wordpress SEO By Yoast


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  1. Tamim Y
    Tamim Y says:

    I have gmail account and when I go to Webmaster Tools in WP and click on Google Webmaster Tools, I see a different screen and Google cannot verify my site. What am I missing here?

  2. James D. Buzzard
    James D. Buzzard says:

    great video the only one thing I could critique is I know us guys aren't really big into Pinterest but I would highly suggest signing up creating a couple boards pins some pins to the boards and also put in some Pins with links to your website. great way to throw people to your store or blog!

  3. Ricky S
    Ricky S says:

    Hi Darrel,

    Thanks for the video. It is really helpful for the beginners like me. Is this much of work is sufficient for SEO and bring website on first page or we need to do much more.

    I have heard about on-page and off-page SEO. Does this belongs to on-page??….then what needs to be done in off-page SEO.


  4. thomas tatarakis
    thomas tatarakis says:

    Thanks Great video. However I have encountered some errors about site maps firstly i had the same error as you and then installed the xml sitemap plugin but then another error occured yoast seo said you cannot have two plugins who generate sitemap so i had to deactivate the new plugin. Any help?

  5. Rolando Allamby
    Rolando Allamby says:

    Hi darrel thanks for your video. I have a question regarding the xml sitemap when i review my google webmaster tools i have an issue that correspond to the structure data from my site. I have the following error in my Structured Data > hentry (markup: microformats.org that said missing author and missing updated. What i need to do.

  6. Coop Douglas
    Coop Douglas says:

    is there a reason i dont see titles and metas and all the others. is it cause i am only trying the free version? Cheers great and easy to understand video very informative

  7. Robert Cozby
    Robert Cozby says:

    So all I have under the homepage tab at around 4:00, is "Title Template: %%sitename%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitedesc%%" and "Meta description template:"

    I don't have what you have. Any idea why?

  8. Lori Appleman
    Lori Appleman says:

    Why would you use the other site map generator when Yoast is already creating them? Why did you then not add it to search console? If you used the one manually created, would you need regenerate and upload again when changes are made? Would you add the manually created one on top of the ones already created by Yoast or instead?

  9. Rebel Communication
    Rebel Communication says:

    Hi Darrel. Thank you for this great tutorial- it's very helpful for someone like me who is completely new to SEO and Yoast. Just one question: You know when you are talking about the tools and add new SEO Titles- are these suppose to be short keywords or a quick description? Do capitalisation rules make a difference? thank you!

  10. Rich Kessler
    Rich Kessler says:

    Yeah, my screen looks nothing like this. It's a Yoast branded configuration screen with 10 steps. Of course it's getting hung up on the Google profile for some reason

  11. Fares B
    Fares B says:

    You uploaded the sitemap.xml to the root of your website, but then you tell google to crawl "sitemap_index.xml" which is managed by Yoast itself (and therefore, independant from sitemap.xml) , is there a particular purpose to doing so ?

  12. Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman says:

    Hey Darrel Wilson Thanks for sharing such a great video its very help full but you know Yoast fixed a bugs and update new version in the new Version 3.7.0 of yoast many things are changed so please update a video

  13. Sue Doyle
    Sue Doyle says:

    Under the SEO i only have dashboard, search console & Premium. Any idea why, do I have to buy premium to get the features shown in your video? Thanks

  14. michael govers
    michael govers says:

    Hey Darrel, thanks for such a wonderful tutorial, simple and so easy to follow. My only problem is that, Yoast does not offer me all the options to follow the tutorial to its natural end. Dashboard, Search Console and Premium are the only options available to me! Can you suggest a solution, please.


  15. Idea Films
    Idea Films says:

    Appreciate the help! however i cannot find my website in cpanel, Is there a process i have to do in wordpress to save my website somewhere? Thank you for the help!

  16. The Hearing Consultancy
    The Hearing Consultancy says:

    Brilliant tutorial, had spent days trying to come to terms and understand Yoast. In 35 minutes you did a superb job of visually and verbally cutting thru' the jargonese and given me the confidence to go ahead and try to maximise Yoast's capabilities.


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