How do I check my ranking in Google i.e. What tool do you use for SERP tracking?


I’ll tell you how I track my rankings on Google. LINKS: SERP Lab: KGR Playlist: …


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  1. Daniyal Ghaffar
    Daniyal Ghaffar says:

    Hy Doug cunnington <3 i have a query related to KGR strategy.
    Can we outrank gems like techrader? for example I have a keyword >>> best waterproof bluetooth speakers for boat 🙂 it's KGR is 0.05 but big websites like , are ranked for it 🙂 for LSI . can we outranked them by targeting full keyword in title , meta description and in url 🙂 ?

  2. KvT_!
    KvT_! says:

    Hi Doug,
    I joined this facebook group for SEO and people are offering guest posts for like $10 for high DaPa sites
    Do you think that this is good in terms of helping you rank?

  3. Alwayne Gray
    Alwayne Gray says:

    Thank you for everything Doug, you change my life bro… All my articles is ranking on page 1-3 with a 5 month site, making sale each day… Am going to save and buy your advance course soon

  4. Pablo Briviezca
    Pablo Briviezca says:

    Great vid, and i used this service for months since you recommended, sadly it has a "Due to our ongoing network provider issues we have made the hard decision to suspend the free service until the problem is rectified.".. since 2018-04-25 . Thank you also for the KGR advice, i started using it months ago when you video showed up in my suggestion lists. Keep comming the good stuff bro!

  5. Rosie Ran
    Rosie Ran says:

    Yes that's the tool I use too. I just published 2 articles kgr and 2 articles that are not. guess what? the 2 kgr ranks 35 and 66 when the 2 non kgr dont even make it to the top 100. my KGr term that rank 35 is a 1300 searches per month but with 5 articles in allintitle so I think it was worth the try 🙂 the article is a week old and I have over 2000 words on it. No backlinks yet cause it's a brand new website.


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