How To Configure SEO By Yoast WordPress plugin


SEO by Yoast is most downloaded and best free plugin available in the market. Though configuring the plugin could be tricky and in this video you will learn how …


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  1. Shyam Sundar Dharmarapu
    Shyam Sundar Dharmarapu says:

    Hi sir, I was already verified my webmaster tools using 'Domain name provide' method last year n now after watching ur tutorial, again verified using 'HTML tag' method i.e my blog got verified using two methods. So now, am I going to get any problems to my blog? Or is it Ok verified using two methods? Plz help me sir.. I'm a newbie blogger.. Thanks in advance sir..

  2. Murad Abuseta
    Murad Abuseta says:

    Hi Harsh, the plugin gets to many changes and updates not like the version you tutorial about.
    i believe in you about SEO advices so could you please provide us with a new tutorial how to setting up this plugin, thank youu

  3. Yana Tarasova
    Yana Tarasova says:

    I have a question: why you tell to set noindex for /pages? What's bad that other pages than my home page will be referenced? Could you develop please this moment?
    Thank you!

  4. AL N MC BEE
    AL N MC BEE says:

    Harsh! I appreciate the info bredda. That was amazing how you broke everything down in under 10 min. Everything was clear and concise. I was able to keep up! I save it in my youtube videos and mashed that subscribed button!

    I have two fitness sites. One is state, the other is international. Should i just copy all these practices exactly off the other one? Will this help me rank a bit higher or be able to be seen internationally?

    Once again appreciate the knowledge bredda…RISPECK!

  5. Ashin Kurian
    Ashin Kurian says:

    i am not able to get site map it shows " looks like nothing was found at this location.
    Maybe try one of the links below or a search?" plz help me out .my site dont show up in search engines

  6. Kenda Swartz
    Kenda Swartz says:

    Thank you – very informative and helpful. My only suggestion is to slow down your speaking. I'm not very technical so trying to following what I saw and heard on the screen simultaneously was challenging.

  7. Frankie
    Frankie says:

    Hi Harsh. I used this tutorial to optimaze my Woocommerce website. Now, my Shop page doesnt show any of my products, and the sitemap [website url]/sitemap_index.xml gives a Page not Found
    Dont know what is going on here. Please let me know, thanks in advance.


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