SEO For Beginners - How to Rank High In Google?


GET THE BEST SEO TOOL LONG TAIL PRO HERE: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tutorial for beginners. In this video …


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  1. Sondevela
    Sondevela says:

    Great video! I have a question (i'm still in the middle of the video so maybe you already talk about it later, but just in case..). On my website I have some information that needs to be repeated in different posts (quite long information), because it's an extra that we offer in different packages, and the extras are the same in each package (difficult to imagine aaahjaha), is there any way that i can write the same but that google doesn't sees it as a copy of information? (I don't know if i'm being clear.. sorry)

  2. Jim Paar
    Jim Paar says:

    No one should be working a 9 to 5 job unless they want to. Take control of your mind is the #1 step to mastering your talents. I honestly believe college is a scam and a waste of energy because they will never teach you how to use your God given talents. They teach you to earn $50k or even $100k a year after 4 to 6 years of schooling, not how to have freedom and earn $100k a month. You are talented and gifted, let me give you some tips

  3. Christopher Chorley
    Christopher Chorley says:

    When setting up any type of online marketing campaign a LOT of marketers and business owners try to "reinvent the wheel". They spend countless hours and money trying to come up with the “next big idea” that will blow their competitors out of the water.

    Don’t. Do. This.

    (At least not right in the beginning).

    Instead, use data to plan, build and launch marketing campaigns you know have a fighting chance of success (and profitability).


    Find out what is working for your top competitors and do MORE of that.

    Simple, I know.

    But, very few people do it.

    By first looking at your top-performing competitors you’ll be able to quickly spot gaps in your online marketing strategy, eliminate the guesswork and start with a campaign that has a proven track record.

    This process doesn’t have to be time consuming or a huge draw on your wallet.

    SEMrush will give you a powerful behind-the-scenes look at what is and is not working for your top competitors….FAST!

    Armed with this knowledge, you'll be using data (not guesswork) to make strategic marketing decisions and deliver results for your boss or business much faster!

    SEMrush is not just another keyword tool. I use it every day for personal and client search marketing projects. It allows you to get an (almost unfair) behind-the-scenes look at your top performing competitors and use the insights to build profitable campaigns right from the beginning. No more guesswork. Make decisions with data.

    Find profitable keyword opportunities, pinpoint high-converting ad and landing page copy, dissect competitor content strategies, audit backlink profiles, identify new site monetization opportunities, track metrics in real-time…and a lot more.


  4. Karl Anders
    Karl Anders says:

    Hi, We've a #1 ranking business website with a 7 year old url with the format city-keyword-keyword.tld, we've a new service & cover many more cities which means this url is not great anymore.

    We're thinking of switching to our actual business name which is 29 characters long & not keywordy. What would you do? Almost everyone in our industry has keywordy urls (we know we need to change backlinks etc and it will be a lot of work)

  5. Vallad Centrius
    Vallad Centrius says:

    I was able to rank high in google on one of my websites. I used influencer marketing with phlanx as my platform, i was able to raise my presence significantly therefore raising my traffic and increasing my click rate enabling me to have better SEO. When measured via return conversion to sales, it is very rewarding.

  6. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    A really amazing, easy to understand video. I really picked up some good tips here. My question is re external linking. I have 3 ecommerce websites all related to gifts. I am thinking of adding a link to each of the other two websites on each of my product pages on all of the websites. So all 3 sites link to each other. Do you think this is a good idea or too much for every product page? Was just going to use some set text on each of the product pages with the links. Would this be good for SEO? Would appreciate your guidance. Thank you


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