Using Yoast SEO to Set Keywords and the Meta Description for a Post


There may be multiple good keywords for a given blog post. This video shows part of the decision making process in selecting a keyword phrase and the …


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  1. Kelvin Chege Wambui
    Kelvin Chege Wambui says:

    Hallo to you, I followed through and the video was very awesome, especially because you had some mistakes and showed how to correct them, that means we've learnt how to correct ours, I think the great part of an education or tutorial video is not just the "do this" but "how to redo something in case you miss the step".
    Now, at 5.47 as you were confirming your meta description, I realized above it, the Site title was also at green, how did you achieve that and how can I also benefit from Site title on my blog

    #ThanksALot 🙂

  2. Christine H
    Christine H says:

    Thank you so much for this video! This is the most helpful video I have watched about SEO. And how to pick key words and how to use the snipet and to add a featured picture!


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