What Is A PBN (Private Blog Network for SEO)


http://IrvingSeoExpert.com is my SEO business site. PBN stands for Private Blog Network, and is a series of “Private Blogs” that you buy and manage for the …


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  1. Guiry Josh
    Guiry Josh says:

    Private Blogs are always a great deal, whaen trying to rank and promote your video or blogs online, that's why LinkBoosterz SEO has been my go to when I need anything link building done, and they always deliver quality, I indulge you try them out

  2. Andy Black
    Andy Black says:

    Nice video Neal. Plenty of useful info for your audience. I have developed a simple software tool that is perfect for creating content for PBN's. It requires very little typing and allows users to create human readable articles using 'drag n drop'.

    I recorded a video showing exactly how I do this, and what it entails, if anyone is interested.



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