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  1. Jan Alleman
    Jan Alleman says:

    Hi, thanks for a very enlightening video! I enjoy your thorough approach. Did i understand correctly that the caption as well as the description are not used by google? (As google only reads what it gets in the html tag?) So, say filling out the caption and then setting it to invisible doesnt have any added benefit?

  2. Shirley VerStraete
    Shirley VerStraete says:

    Great video! And I love having your notes to read first. (I'm a multi-media learner.) I also make a point to also read the comments posted by others – ya never know what additional information you may pick up! Keep up the work making these wonderful videos!

  3. LostInMySpace
    LostInMySpace says:

    I believe this WordPress video and all those that come after it will be an immense help for all business owners that are good at their craft/profession/job but need the step by step tutorials that prove easy to folllow. If the tutorials are simple to follow, we CAN execute perfectly. Most us us out in America are not software people. We're just trying to make a living by linking up with future customers.

  4. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  5. Paul Welburn
    Paul Welburn says:

    Great tutorial as always. Quick question, if I use the same image on different pages that require different keywords, should I copy the image, rename it according to the keyword and upload the copy?

  6. Wesley Dunne
    Wesley Dunne says:

    Is it necessary to have the keyword in the image name before you upload them to wordpress? I mean, if you are going to put the keyword in the image title in wordpress, does it have SEO benefits to have the images named with your keyword before they go online?

  7. Edi B
    Edi B says:

    Thank you for this simple video. I don't know if it is a relevant question but how much should I reduce the file size? Another question: do I name my photos before I upload them on my blog photo gallery or after they are uploaded on the field "image title attribute"? Thank you!

  8. Emperos
    Emperos says:

    Isn't this way considered as keyword stuffing? You use the keyword in your file name, title and alt tab. Shouldn't we watch out with this? I've seen some other videos talking about this method, and I was wondering if it is really harmfull or not.

  9. Erik W.
    Erik W. says:

    What do the WP settings do under Settings–>Media? Somebody else said to set these all to "0" so WP doesn't make 3 copies of all your images. But not sure if that makes a difference…….

  10. Jeff Hoffman
    Jeff Hoffman says:

    Nice video, wish I would seen it before I uploaded all the images. Seems the only way to change it now is redo all the images and reupload. What is the reason behind the 3 or more different sizes of images that are created when you upload a image and do you need them? If you delete an image does it remove all sizes?
    Thanks again, like your videos, they help a lot.


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