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Boost your rankings! Here are 5 essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that you should implement into your Adobe Muse website right away. Brought …


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  1. Fliipixel
    Fliipixel says:

    The problem with not using Image Text is that using real text in Muse doesn't resize if you are making a responsive designed site that resizes with whatever size the browser is open to. If you need the text to resize also you have no choice but to use Image Text. Anyone know a workaround??

  2. J.D. Oldenburg
    J.D. Oldenburg says:

    This was great. How does the last tip translate into actions on muse? Where in there do I ad the words so my site is aimed at a smaller pond? is it in the keywords section in the metadata window of each page on my site map? Thank you!

  3. aconroy8
    aconroy8 says:

    Thanks for the video, it's great! I have a question though…I have already published my site so in addition to redoing the FTP to my hosting provider will I also have to resend my sitemap to google for the SEO changes to occur? Thanks! 🙂

  4. Hudson McGrail
    Hudson McGrail says:

    As always very valuable information. Would it be possible in the future to add to this and touch base on "keywords" and also HTML for <head>: (?) The bonus tip, I'm guessing, is pretty much a keyword search but can you expand on this…?


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