Happy Together – Suzy, Jessi, Seo Woo & more! (2015.04.23)

Happy Together - Suzy, Jessi, Seo Woo & more! (2015.04.23)


The Host’s Guest Special: Welcome to the Host’s Guest Special where the five MCs recommended a guest each for the show. Jaeseok recommended actress …


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  1. ian jm
    ian jm says:

    okay, what the hell is wrong with y'all hating on suzy and jessi?

    first of all, in jessi's situation, she isnt rude, she just states the facts and truth, is it so rude of her to speak what she thinks? you're literally being highly sensitive 🤷

    and as for suzy, if you're gonna call her ugly or nasty just because shes dating the guy who you have no chance with, look in the mirror and learn your manners and facts wtff 😂💀 im dead with yall butthurt obsessive saesangs

  2. gilbert cabon
    gilbert cabon says:

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    malheureusement cela se traduit dans les faits ,par des actes qui relèvent de l'hyper CRIMINALITE aucun délinquant ne peut atteindre ce point absolu de l 'horreur
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    ILS me proposaient l'ARMEE de TERRE

  3. gilbert cabon
    gilbert cabon says:

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  4. pororo pororo
    pororo pororo says:

    Anyone hoping for Suzy's comeback at variety shows??? Even though we already know it'll never happen since she's a top billed star now and too expensive to cast. Aigooo i just wish she could promote freely with Lee seunggi for Vagabond though!!! That would be so daebak~~~

  5. LordDesAbsterdens
    LordDesAbsterdens says:

    30:16 Jessi really looked much more attractive in the past. But this does not mean that now she is not beautiful.

    Looking closely, I realized that it was NOT plastic surgery. Just in the photo she is with fair skin and dark hair. Very few people like dark skin, it just looks exotic.

    I think that if she stops tanning and returns dark hair, in a year or two she will look younger.

  6. LordDesAbsterdens
    LordDesAbsterdens says:

    27:27 Of course it must hurt! It should be more painful than if you had your belly cut and stitched. Although liposuction is done through a small hole.

    ◘ In fact, the damage inflicted is worse than if you were skinned. After all, the surgeon separates the muscles from the skin, removing fat cells. But if the skin was thrown out, only the muscles would hurt, but the skin remained on the body and also hurt. How do people not understand this when they go on liposuction?
    So skinning will be less painful, although this is a way of torture.

  7. Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists
    Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists says:

    ​ Janelle Edodollon , thank you for writing. Yes, I understand and accept the situation now, and like you say, Jaseok is not as powerful as I thought. In the U.S. a famous t.v. host, like Oprah Winfrey, end up being very powerful. But I think in Korea the chaebols maintain the power, and even famous people like Jaseok have very limited influence. My understanding from research is that Jaseok only makes a bit over 8,000 US $ per episode despite being considered the "King of MCs" in Korea. In the U.S., Jay Leno was making over $1 million U.S. dollars per episode when he was the host of the Tonight Show, which is now headed by somebody else. I have started watching Happy Together again and enjoy it. I feel bad for Park Myungsoo and miss him, but do not blame Jaseok. Like you say, I'm sure he tried all he could do without risking becoming unemployed himself.


    Ervin in Iowa City, IA USA


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