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What is SEO 1. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 2. SEO is an Online Marketing Technique which helps you to bring your website on top in Search …


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  1. Nora maria
    Nora maria says:

    Hi, I need your advice or tips very badly. I'm a beginner and just started learning digital marketing tactics. I found you and so I'm planning to build a website to implement whatever I'm learning here and get good results so that I can show this as my experience while attending a digital marketing job interview. Is a single blog post enough for that, or should I write frequently for practising SEO(Ranking, link building, other on-page and off-page methods, and to get a hands-on experience on many tools) and all ?? I want to do full time blogging too, much much later…not sooner, so I will gradually use the same site for professional blogging. So to get started, Is a single blog post, which is fresh and inspiring, enough for implementing them? If not, I have to be more serious in content writing too.

  2. Pardeep Kumar
    Pardeep Kumar says:

    Hello, Sir, your video is 4 years old. But in the present time, SEO and Digital Marketing's tactics and strategies have been changed. Your video is also much helpful in 2019 or not??

  3. sughra Abdulmalik
    sughra Abdulmalik says:

    can tell me link building resource
    Web 2.0 Websites
    Local Listing / Yellow Pages
    B2B Listings
    Job Postings
    Social Bookmark
    Articles Directories
    Press Releases
    Profile Links
    Answers Websites
    Product Reviews
    Social Network
    Document/Presentation Sharing Websites
    RSS Search Engine (Feed Submission)
    Info graphics
    Photo Sharing Websites
    Discussion Forums
    Search Engines
    Classifieds Websites
    Ping Websites

  4. Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams says:

    sir jese aapne kaha k agar aapki website web development company india pe top pe aaye uske liye wapas seo karna padega
    to mera question ye h k agar ham phele india level ka hi seo kare to kya region wise b alag se seo karna padega?

  5. ragipani shashanka
    ragipani shashanka says:

    Thank you so much WsCube Tech for providing clear explanation about all the topics really very glad to visit WsCube Tech .Really its very helpful to me without going outside coaching institute am gaining my knowledge by WsCube heartfully thank you so much .please dont stop uploading videos


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