Happy Together - Jang Nara, Seo Inguk, Choi Wonyoung & more! (2015.07.09)


Click the “Caption” button to activate subtitle! ———————————————— – Ep.402: [”Hello Monster” Special] The stars of “Hello Monster” – Jang Nara, …


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  1. Nadia JG
    Nadia JG says:

    What I dislike about Happy Together is that they get some guests to talk all over the show and some others to stay quiet and just watch. This is so disrespectful, don’t invite many guests or when you do, respect them at least.

  2. luna li
    luna li says:

    jang nara suffered so much.. i feel so bad for her because no one should go through all of that and it shouldnt be okay to overwork like that. shes an amazing actress, her acting always touches me so i wish koreans would show her more love :/

  3. Annie C
    Annie C says:

    omg this is random but i really like the way jang na ra slaps her hands together and laughs, she's so small but the slap is so powerful 😂

  4. kylamvickers
    kylamvickers says:

    it's 2018 and i'm still shocked that this drama wasn't popular in korea. this is still one of favourites the plot and writing was interesting and exciting, the cast were just amazing and the characters.

  5. Mark Raven
    Mark Raven says:

    Jang Na-Ra. just saying her name gives me chills. she's not very popular stateside but I don't care. I love her since '05 and would love her to the grave. she's actually the reason why I transferred to Korea from the mid-east to be part of USKF and help protect her country. I only wish that I could see her in person someday soon though i highly doubt it cause Americans especially those who are in the armed forces aren't very popular with the locals.

  6. Hl S
    Hl S says:

    Jang Nara is like the Korean version of 赵丽颖 (Zhao Li Ying), a Chinese actress. They're both small size, cute, natural and humble. Really love Jang Nara.

  7. Aline-Bluebonnett
    Aline-Bluebonnett says:

    Chunhee gotta be one of the sweetest men out there. He's so kind hearted and caring, I've been a fan since Family Outing days and he never ceases to amaze me with his nice personality.

  8. Büşra Nur Aktepe
    Büşra Nur Aktepe says:

    Bunu izlemeden önce Hello Monster 12.bolumu izledim ve dizide doktorun namı diğer D.O.nun büyümüş halinin ayağındaki çoraplar dikkatimi çekmişti.İkisi farklı renkte olan trend çorapları giymişti dizide ve bu programda da giymiş 😀 Hoşuma gitti bu detay :D.
    I was watching Hello monster 12.episode one hour ago than while I watching this I realised Choi wonyoung had worn same socks in the drama 😀 its cute and strange 😀


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