How Google SEO Works Video - Authority Content.

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  1. Mark Collard
    Mark Collard says:

    Second viewing, first comment: just love the simplicity. A simple three step formula which not only describes your process, but just makes sense. Thanks for sharing Dave.

  2. Dave Jones
    Dave Jones says:

    What a waste of human lives all at the expense of many hours, days, months even years sat in front of a poxy pc. Billions of websites launched over the years not making any money. If your not listed at the very top page forget it. The only people winning are the rich that buys success. Money goes to money.


    Of all the videos I've watched so far, this gentleman's ability to teach what he knows and his teaching method has helped me learn more about what it takes to be successful with online marketing.  Thanks.

  4. sari saria
    sari saria says:

    Doing SEO for a YouTube video much…much easier than doing SEO for a blog/website. That's the reason why I'm using video marketing. With a tool I can generate 2,000+ unique visitors per day to my website.

  5. ria chy
    ria chy says:

    Google says this ranking change has no relation to its upcoming Caffeine rollout, which is about how Google indexes the web, not how it ranks pages.

  6. Matt Beaudoin
    Matt Beaudoin says:

    thank you for helping me understand the need for Authority content.  It seems obvious in retrospect, but I have been afraid to produce much content for fear it would be bad. It looks like you put out what you think will work, but only take 'ownership' of the ones that start to get traction.  I should start to provide free content and similarly not sweat it until something takes hold..


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