How to Rank a Website in a Competitive Niche


Creating a niche site can be a great way to earn money, but what if your niche is very competitive? How can you compete in a competitive industry for tough …


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  1. Mikkel Chandler
    Mikkel Chandler says:

    Ok I'm watching this going OMG I have already started this Because of a personal life choices. The first time I heard Fitness come up and that it's not a niche market I wanted to Quit but that's not an option for me. I have a creed "Love Yourself Love your health" I'm 49 in May this year. My health got really bad I felt terrible I didn't want to look in the mirror before the wreck I felt overwhelmed after the wreck it became so easy to lose weight because I wanted to love myself again and I wanted to help others Because I know how it feels to be totally at the bottom of everything. I will be doing my live stream in the next couple days that is all new to me too say a prayer for me Thank Mikkel

  2. Jason Stallworth
    Jason Stallworth says:

    Guys, so should I ditch my site TheMuscleProgram? My recent goal was to have several types of workout programs (eBooks) catering to specific goals.
    Although I’ve had the site since 2010 and have had a few mini successes, I’ve never broken through, and having gone through many mistakes (short posts, duplicate content, stagnant posts…which I recently deleted the majority of my 570 posts), I’m struggling to make any revenue from this site.
    Sucks to throw away all those years of hard work 😓 but I wonder if I’m just spinning my wheels at this point and should put my focus elsewhere….
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  3. Abraham Moreno-Riano
    Abraham Moreno-Riano says:

    Quick question, you name personal finance as a tough niche. I am a PPC/SEO manager for a mortgage bank and have been working on a non-branded mortgage-type blog for first time home buyers. Would this be too specific? Or do you think it can do well?

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Swati Ohri
    Swati Ohri says:

    Hi Jim/Ricky, What you guys think about self-development and inspirational niche? Is it a lot competitive. I am working on my blog which is mostly on inspirational stuff from last 5 months but not seeing any results.

  5. Nikky Fell
    Nikky Fell says:

    I stumbled across you guys and have been binge watching your videos. I’ve been blogging for a year, and I finally feel like I understand SEO and why Yoast isn’t working for me.

  6. Verity Ann
    Verity Ann says:

    Are you suggesting this niche thing is all about article quantity? I've been on some of those large sites you mentioned and the content left me wanting. Yet they repeatedly show up at the top spots in my search. I only spend time on those sites looking around for the answer, rarely finding it.


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