Seo Taiji&Boys - Come Back Home, 서태지와 아이들 - 컴백홈, MBC Top Music 19951124


Seo Taiji&Boys – Come Back Home, 서태지와 아이들 – 컴백홈, MBC Top Music(인기가요 베스트50), 26회, EP26, 1995/11/24, MBC TV, Republic of Korea.


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  1. Zoe S.
    Zoe S. says:

    33.3% of comments: "ARMY stop hating on this in the comments"
    33.3% of comments: "where are the hate comments i don't see any"
    33.3% of comments: "this song is so legendary and the birth of kpop"
    0.1% of comments: actual hate towards the song

  2. •Daniela •
    •Daniela • says:

    every time i look/ hear seo taiji here, i think of e’dawn🥺, and also yg has a lot of swag here😂, i’m literally still addicted to this!
    who’s still here in 2019?

  3. Lili Lin
    Lili Lin says:

    Basically yes, this is how k-pop hypothetically started, but it wouldn't be thanks to Lee Soo Man that he started all of this wonderful world of k-pop


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