Video SEO - How To Rank Videos In Google and YouTube


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  1. Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne says:

    Influencer marketing can be a really neat way of getting a high rank in google. It does so by increasing presence first through means of influencer promotion which can be a really effective way of kick starting by means of presence. If you're interested, a good platform means good results, and one of the few reliable ones i know of is phlanx

  2. Ryan Delaet
    Ryan Delaet says:

    Hey the company I work for has a similar service.

    TopSpot is a very powerful ranking service, that can get your video ranked #1 on Youtube and Front Page of Google within 24 hours!

    We can take any 20 key words, and half will end up in the #1 slot for Youtube. Even better, half of those will end up on the front page of Google.

    We've really cracked the code here, all of this is based on Google and Youtube's terms and services. We use our own youtube accounts to publish the videos so there is no down side.

  3. Zoelife Myke
    Zoelife Myke says:

    I need help with my channel youtube , I show people how todonwloade video from youtube or music from souncloud , how to donwloade picture from istagrame stuf like that , my channel name is MYKE STGERARD please watch my video and subcribe

  4. X-Cubed
    X-Cubed says:

    Thanks so much this helped me alot. I do Rubik's cube tutorials and this is going to make my video get ranked so much higher! So again, thanks!

  5. Zaak Garrett
    Zaak Garrett says:

    Thank you so much for providing these great tips! I am a complete newcomer to Youtube and this helped me understand some basics and gave me a lot of terms to add to my "what is this and what does it do" list. I have a question, I tried to go to Google Adwords, which I think was the website you used in step one to find your keyword. I tried to use this but it seems like you need to pay for the service. Am I just not looking hard enough for the free version? Thanks!

  6. Anime Vab
    Anime Vab says:

    Sir, can you make these videos again? But in that video, how do you make us a video then upload and tags, descriptions, how to enter the title, our video rank is uploading us video and showing me my winnings

  7. ROBUST Cub
    ROBUST Cub says:

    I mainly do gaming. I also do stuff like gameplays, funtages, montages, reviews, challenges and many more FUN stuff! SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you want unlimited ENTERTAINMENTS!


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