What's a Canonical URL Tag? How Do I Use It for SEO?


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  1. Almost Home Real Estate Services
    Almost Home Real Estate Services says:

    Great breakdown. Thank you! I'm puzzled and would love your guidance. I did my keyword research, I'm ready to start my blog, (I have my Yoast settings optimized), but I'm hitting a wall with how to structure posts vs pages so I don't duplicate my efforts/info in these. Do you have any videos to point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

  2. 24SevenMarketing
    24SevenMarketing says:

    I am confused … I want to rank various pages on my site for a keyword and city 1… the same keyword city 2 … and so on for city 3 … city 4 … … city 1,000. The intent on all these pages will be pretty much the same except for switching the city names. I will also have a main page on my site that will be optimized for the keyword without any localization. If I add canonical links in Yoast to all of the localized pages with essentially the same content on on every page … will I loose the rankings for the keyword phrases "keyword in city"? Not sure I understand all this.

  3. Marlar House
    Marlar House says:

    FINALLY! Somebody who could explain it in a way that makes sense without giving me a migraine! This was posted three years ago so maybe some terms have changed, as WordPress does not show "canonical" anymore – but it does have "trackback". Is that the same thing?

  4. harshith moolya
    harshith moolya says:

    I have one doubt, i have 2 similar pages with one url /jee-main and other one is /jee-main-2018. Content is totally different sentence is totally different, but means same. Now i want to rank both the pages in google. Now the problem is only 1 page is ranking in google for any keyword, either jee main or jee main 2018 or other keywords. The ranking url is /jee-main. The other url is no where in 200 search results. What should i do? What might be the problem.

  5. Yohan Zingile
    Yohan Zingile says:

    Hello, I am using a website and I am planning to create an identical wordpress website to assign it to a specific geographic location (country). By inserting a canonical tag on the posts of the new website, would it prevent the pages content from appearing in google search engine in that specific country? By selecting the "index" or "no index option", how would it affect he search?
    (I know there is an option of creating subdomain with the country code, but I am not planning on creating separate domains).

  6. angelica martinez
    angelica martinez says:

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  7. angelica martinez
    angelica martinez says:

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  8. Mike Lee
    Mike Lee says:

    I have a site like the last one you discuss and even with the canonical tag, Google is ranking the home page (very similar keyword structure). Bing and Yahoo get it right, go figure

  9. Ameer ul Islam
    Ameer ul Islam says:

    in wordpress I get a little bit confused, what I see there is they use canonical in a post and they put that post's link. I don't know why do they need to use canonical and tell google that this is the page that is original, when there is actually only one page of it.

    I thought if canonical needed they would just needed in the blog page.. (but then again that's also confusing since in blog there are many posts.


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