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Read more: http://www.diyontheweb.com/serp-ranking SerpFox: http://www.serpfox.com MicroSiteMasters: http://www.micrositemasters.com Proxfree.com: …


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  1. Ryan Delaet
    Ryan Delaet says:

    Has anyone heard of this service before?

    TopSpot is a very powerful ranking service, that can get your video ranked #1 on Youtube and Front Page of Google within 24 hours!

    We can take any 20 key words, and half will end up in the #1 slot for Youtube. Even better, half of those will end up on the front page of Google.

    We've really cracked the code here, all of this is based on Google and Youtube's terms and services. We use our own youtube accounts to publish the videos so there is no down side.

    ryan@knockknockmarketing.com If anyone is interested give me a shout !

  2. Spook SEO
    Spook SEO says:

    Thank you for this one. Finding tools like this is really a gem and I am glad that you showed us the way. Knowing your rank will help you gauge how much more should you invest. You cannot “over-optimize” since Google has been so strict with its rules. This one is the real deal because you will save not just time but also money and effort.

  3. Marina Milakovic
    Marina Milakovic says:

    @qomdtmu I'm making over $700 a day and climbing. If you find a niche thats eager to buy your bank account will go mental. This course explains it all –> bit.ly/NwIrPg?=inemuo


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