How does Google determine domain age, and is it important for ranking?


How does Google determine domain age? Do they look at the whois data or do they rely on the crawler? e.g. When it first indexed the website. In general, how …


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  1. Dominik Sieczka
    Dominik Sieczka says:

    hello I just have registered a new domain but when checking it with market samurai or other domain age checker it says that the domain is 5 year old so does it mean that the domain was previously registered it expired and the owner didn't renew it?

  2. Shripad Bhat
    Shripad Bhat says:

    My site is just three months old and not at all indexing for keyword search in google. However getting incoming links is not possible until page is indexed in google at least in page no 10. Please help me.

  3. D. West Davies
    D. West Davies says:

    I find that hard to believe. I have been improving my website for three years now and other companies in my town who do nothing to their websites have occupied the same positions page one with no improvement on my placement.

  4. I'm a friend
    I'm a friend says:

    @bigal21110 I agree – I think google just say this so we create more fresh content – very nice for them – still would you rather have/ buy a 1999 domain or a 2011 one — ?

  5. M.J. Taylor
    M.J. Taylor says:

    @bigal21110 I'm not sure you were listening. 😉 He was answering the question on whois data versus first crawl or first link … but yes, you have to read between the lines. Google is going to tell you what they want you to think.

  6. mrcakey
    mrcakey says:

    Is there not a danger that if you buy a domain and create a holding page that happens to get crawled, that because holding pages are necessarily low quality the crawl rate is set low for that site and so that impacts on how quickly it's indexed once you're ready to go live?


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