How To Setup Your Wordpress Categories For SEO Ranking For Multiple Cities

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  1. brovin10
    brovin10 says:

    Hi I liked your video and I was just wondering I am using wordpress 3.3.1 and when I go to the edit in the category are of the posts pages I just get four choice to fill out which are Name, Slug, Parent (Drop Down) Description(text field) – Can you tell me why I do not get the meta type form fields that you have showing on the video. Cheers

  2. Jason Ward
    Jason Ward says:

    Loved this.. 'Setup Your WordPress Categories For SEO Ranking' I am putting together a listing based site……I am useing SEO all in one and can extend the plugin with 'Category SEO Meta Tags' plugin but will still come up short as I wont have 'Robot Meta Tags' or 'Introductory Headline/Content' options… there a plugin that will give me what you show in your piece? Jason


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