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Matt Cutts addresses questions about negative SEO. Learn more about the disavow links feature: …


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  1. Richard Andersson
    Richard Andersson says:

    One of my sites are under negative SEO attack and sadly they are successful and has been so for 6 months now. Is it possible to somehow contact Google and ask for some help in this case? Disavow links does not really work when you launch a massive attack and continuously keep attacking and creating new links. @googlewebmasters

  2. SiteCozy website scanner
    SiteCozy website scanner says:

    After 15 years of webmastering, I have never witnessed negative SEO from inbound links except with 301 redirects, when for example, all the URLs pointed to a 3rd party homepage or when there were 4 domains that redirected all their URLs to another domain. In this case, there were like a penalty on the new domain.

  3. Meki
    Meki says:

    I have 2 important questions ,first How can I know which links need to be disavowed ? or how can i know the source of spam links to disavow ?.
    if my site is free blogger or an article ,in this case i cant disavow links because the free blog cant be imported into google webmaster ,Am i right ?

  4. Daisy Nicolas
    Daisy Nicolas says:

    The SEO company, Itriedand terminated kept giving me broken links. Literally, I am a solo small biz who is striving for sales and traffic and they keep sabotaging my website. What can I do to stop them without paying hundreds of dollars to stop them?

  5. 4Nanook
    4Nanook says:

    I miss the early days of link networks. I enjoy anime and manga and following the links used to provide hours of entertainment. Now they are pretty much all gone.

  6. StackDeveloper
    StackDeveloper says:

    diawov links not a way to escape from the negative seo. There re zero day wordpress exploits and easy to inject compatitor links with a dirty keyword and Just some hours that your site complately banned from index. the only way is find all those links and send to disawov. How its possible to find it? webmaster tools ? yes but after some days or weeks. But attackers knows this and they changes URLs in periodic times that google cant catch it as a backlink. wait a minute ! than if no url indexed as a backlink but why google banned? couse attacker make his job so quickly He inject your link in 1300 different wordpress stuff domains and than ping google spider like a backlink ping and after that remove links and after sometimes again same steps.

  7. James Desouza
    James Desouza says:

    "How about google devalues/ignores spammy links instead of penalizing for them? That's what they used to do. There's no way to assign a penalty for a spammy link and not open up a negative SEO window."

    ^ My thoughts exactly. That definitely is the most efficient way to go. 

    I mean Matt Cutts acts as if there is no problem now that they have this "Disavow Links" tool, but Negative SEO is still a HUGE inconviennce. 

    Time monitor and disavow the links, downtime of the website after penalty (kissmetrics says it usually takes 2-4 weeks to Recover) 

  8. Manuel SEO
    Manuel SEO says:

    If Negative SEO doesn't exist then how do people Negative SEO them selves?   They run automated tools to get automated links… and it screws up their own site.   So to do it to somebody else you simply change the keywords and URL and over optimize and link spam who ever you want.

    Negative SEO Exists. It's real.

  9. Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers says:

    Well, I'm finally dealing with some negative SEO. I've spent the past 5 months working full-time on my newest venture (and yes, I'm attracting traffic through other sources like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) but recently have started getting bombarded with thousands of spammy links. Someone doesn't like what I'm doing.

    So, what should I do now? I feel that ignoring the problem won't make anything better, but Google's solution is for me to sift through thousands of links everyday and disavow the spammy ones?


  10. Shaul Meor Jai
    Shaul Meor Jai says:

    Used the amazing disavow link more than a month before Penguin 2.1, lucky me!! Disavowed all the more than 20K malignant links created NOT BY ME. My site is attacked by negative SEO, not by competitors, but becuase my site alerts against a financial fraud.
    Actually got a Manual Spam Alert in August, and my reconsideration request was accepted!! The alert was revoked, yeah!!! Go Team Google!!
    So WHY THE HECK DID THIS UPDATE KILL MY CLEAN, INFORMATIVE SITE?!! Matt, protect us from negative seo!

  11. laxman kafle
    laxman kafle says:

    Hello Matt, in This 2 week , i got like 25,000 New -links linked to my Site , Still i am Hit by n-seo , Spammers , my website is socialfansgeek dot c o m , also i noticed today that my site loosed rankings , it Dropped to 100th , i was top 10 on all my keywords , the only way i make money is from website , now i am in bad situation , can anyone help me ?

  12. Spook SEO
    Spook SEO says:

    The disavow tool is a very good solution when it comes to combating negative SEO. It's sad to say but there are really others who would go as far as doing negative SEO to get the upper hand against their competition. Without the disavow tool, all the honest and hardworking SEOs would have been sitting ducks to the unethical people who'd go as far as framing someone else.

  13. Victor Zeng
    Victor Zeng says:

    ☯☯☯ NO effects from NSEO????? 🙂 ☯☯☯
    Just try to blast site with 100 000's links and you will see where your website will be 😉
    Google "animals" will LOVE your blast :))))

  14. beau bequette
    beau bequette says:

    What if google has already flagged my site for some bad links I did not know where there, will I be able to get my ranking back. I haven't been able to so far and I have been trying for 2 years. I talked to my seo guy and he said it will never rank well again. If this is true google needs to take some steps to contact someone and let them know because that cost me around 2 million dollars a year. I have the first, oldest and most trusted site in my niche and now a junk site.

  15. EverSpark Interactive
    EverSpark Interactive says:

    The disavow tool can be useful. However, the website owner must have a means for them to be aware of the negative links before they can use the tool. Negative SEO would require a significant amount of effort and not too many businesses would undertake such a task.


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