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  1. Naveen S
    Naveen S says:
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of promoting the quality of visits to a website in search engine. This SEO technique will increase both your website’s position and site visitors through the organic or natural search results which can be learned through our advanced SEO training.

  2. Vallad Centrius
    Vallad Centrius says:

    I was able to get better SEO on my website because of influencer marketing. How it works is very straightforward. The main gimick there is that it helps raise your presence via influencers, and it can be very effective when it does that, and i was able to promote my business really efficiently because of this. If ever you're interested, try checking out the available platforms for it, one of the few notable ones i know is phlanx

  3. deena castleberry
    deena castleberry says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed information! The first website I designed was in HTML, and I had to hand feed it to the different search engines, etc… so much has changed but the basics are still there…. just with added spice! I really needed the help for my new website! I so appreciate it!

  4. Nieruchomości All4u
    Nieruchomości All4u says:

    I still looking for valuable links to the page. It is not so easy to gain valuable links with high trust flow pages. Do you thing trust flow is an important information when you choose pages and what do you thing about trust ratio? How low can be?

  5. Michał Wilk
    Michał Wilk says:

    SEO is simple to use. I have a lot of pages in few different niches and in most of them im on google first page. I have been using keyword research and backlinks on keywordplaner com, I used standard package for most of them and in few pages I used premium also. What I recommend is to find the best keywords manualy or using keywordplaner com. Good luck guys!

  6. Philippine Outsourcers
    Philippine Outsourcers says:

    Basic SEO or search engine optimization is essential and fundamental to all things Internet marketing. It positions your website properly to rank at the most crucial keywords when people need your site.

  7. Peter Fritz Walter
    Peter Fritz Walter says:

    Hello David,
    I love your way of teaching and I need to learn web promotion, was never good in it. I just signed up for your Udemy course on SEO. If you give seminars on SEO in Perth, please let me know. I will come over.

    Best wishes,

  8. Rolf Jensen
    Rolf Jensen says:

    Great tutorial! I'm a Norwegian cartoonist specializing in making boring presentations (mostly PowerPoint, but also training manuals and other "dry" information) less boring and more fun. I'm designing my own website and your tutorials are amazingly useful and entertaining. Thanks so much!

  9. Susie Brown
    Susie Brown says:

    I loved this video. And if you have a small business and SEO companies are trying to hijack you with extreme monthly fees, you've learned what they should and should not be doing. I never thought about changing my website. But Google likes change. Thank you.


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