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https://codebabes.com/courses/seo-virgin Take the QUIZ: https://codebabes.com/courses/seo-virgin/seo-make-google-love-you This is the codebabes SEO intro, …


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  1. D. Cederqvist
    D. Cederqvist says:

    Sorry… but she is not hot… Annemie Coenen (Ian van Dahl), Shirley Manson (Garbage), Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Jessica Chastain, Madonna sometimes. That's what I call "hot babes"… and trust me… seen such good-looking women IRL, in big cities like Stockholm and NYC. Maybe at the summer at the richest parts of those cities, in business enviroments, among "classy" famillies or expensive nightclubs and at exotic islands… They exist and they are not just "a few". I can tell for sure… Beautiful women like those do not only exists on television… No offence, but CodeBabes does not impress on me… there is no need to play on sexuality… it's just ridiculous… That's my opinion at least…

  2. Edward
    Edward says:

    I saw Yoda on the thumbnail pic and had to click…and then the woman came on…then she started talking…think I've finally found a method that helps me learn something!

  3. john johnson
    john johnson says:

    you know, you would probably make a lot more money if you focused on offering and delivering value to your consumers instead thinking you can sell any  hot piece of garbage just by using sex and basic nlp skills. if you are trying to emulate what big companies do, you are doing it wrong. they diddnt start off ripping people off, the first generation of that company actually focused to customer appreciation and delivering above and beyond expectations.

    just my 2 cents for what its worth


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