All in One SEO Pack: Configuring XML Sitemaps


In this video, we’ll show you how to configure the All in One SEO pack to automatically generate an XML sitemap for your WordPress site.


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  1. Louise Boström
    Louise Boström says:

    Hi, wondering, will I need to send this sitemap to google and bing to know that they are including it, or how do I know that it is working? I use google search console, will it say that it is working in there?

  2. Just Cool Offer
    Just Cool Offer says:

    Have doing the same steps. But when i'm update sitemap and click to see it i'm receiving 404 page. Google webmaster didn't see /sitemap.xml file. It is for dynamically sitemap, when it static everything is ok. How to fixed it? Thanks

  3. Manie Singh Walia
    Manie Singh Walia says:

    Thanks for the video, perfectly put can you help answer why we actually need a sitemap setup? My website has been up and running for 5 months now but it has not been indexed, do you think this is regarding the sitemap? 


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