Happy Together - Overnight Celebrity Special w/ Seo Inguk, IU, Kwanghee & more! (2013.11.20)


These celebrities became famous overnight! IU has already succeeded as an actor, a host and a singer. Inguk has lured all the girls with his charms.


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  1. Creepy Banana
    Creepy Banana says:

    30:10 Seo In Guk was flattering because IU dancing in front of him,, i know that feels, when someone booty is right in front of you 😂😂😂👌🏻 ,, he turned to the left and right 😂😂 that was too close IU 😂😂💜

  2. scootaccess
    scootaccess says:

    am a PROUD IU FAN from before her famous GOOD DAYS…

    I first saw IU at Yui HeeYeol Sketchbook.. IU was like one of the MC helper and her cover of Gee and Sorry gets me to show interest in her…

    then as I see her more… "Ah…. her voice is good.. it's different from most singers…"
    and IU also remind me of Taeyeon snsd since it's not always for snsd to make a comeback…

    so I watch IU debut song,,, good song but not good enough to make her famous… it's too ballad..

    and Boo and Marshmallow seems to much like a desperation of trying her best to become famous.. still, I like how cute IU and the songs are….

    and next,, I really love her collaboration with Seulong for Nagging… it's such a cute duet song and it's definitely rise her up a bit…
    and many people complain how this song is so hard to sing at karaoke… definitely showing IU's capability as a singer…

    probably because of this that IU got chosen for GOOD DAY and I'm happy she gets what she deserve…

    and next how we all know,,, are histories…. hehehe

    all the best IU~
    keep fighting ~~~!!!

  3. noureen sadaf
    noureen sadaf says:

    kwang hee is really one of a kind person….i really love him for being clear about what he wants…he might come as a bit selfish and greedy but he is brutally honest and that's what i love about him. looking forward to seeing him in more shows.

  4. michu s.
    michu s. says:

    watched this because seo in guk is here but ended up loving IU's cuteness, sayuri and kwanghee's humor. 😂and of course in guk's gestures. 😂

  5. Kathleen Marie Manuel
    Kathleen Marie Manuel says:

    Watching this made me ship IU and Seo In Guk! 😍😍 He was not only polite to her when she was dancing right in front (he turned away since IU was dancing really near and in front of him), he also took care of her during the Late Night Cafeteria with his small gestures. And to add, he was also the only one who voted for IU's dish when he could've voted for his own dish. 😊😊 Beautiful. I love this segment, especially with the laughter that Sayuri and Kwanghee brings to the studio! Thank you for this! 😍😍


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