Happy Together - Park Hyungsik, Seo Gangjun, Shin Hyunjoon & more! (2014.10.16)


Family Special: The hosts and reporter of the weekly live entertainment news show “Entertainment Tonight” – Park Eunyeong, Shin Hyunjoon, Kim Saengmin line …


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  1. Mohd Nizam
    Mohd Nizam says:

    when idols or foretcone to study in malaysia I feel so proud bcuz education in malaysia is not comparable abroad but there are still people who want to learn here..thank you😘😘

  2. Tsubaki Hana
    Tsubaki Hana says:

    I don’t believe on Korean such show at all… all scripted and trying to be cute and perfect which is hard to believe all time …if only they start to be true and real i show then i would appreciate and try watch it.

  3. Bumblebee
    Bumblebee says:

    What Yoon Bak was saying about JYP’s restriction is not a joke. JYP takes it very seriously. The company do take strict action if their artists were caught in drunk driving and drugs. 2pm Jun k was supposed to have another solo album before enlistment but they scrapped it after his drunk driving and he didnt even had an accident or anything. It was just a night where cops were checking in on several drivers and he was one of them. What hyunsik said about asking the question beforehand it is never part of JYP’s rules for their idols. jYP artists are all taught since trainee in handling different questions and they do not screen out anything either. Got7 was asked in singapore about how idols are more about looks than actual talent and JB’s answers actually silenced the skeptics in the room. Jyp too is the company that does not shy away from sex ed classes and also teach them basic psychology class. I think that is the strength of jyp, they are also educating the artists.

  4. Ritu Chaure
    Ritu Chaure says:

    Omg I was going to see 2 dramas which were in my list was are you human too and strong woman do bong soon and the lead of those 2 dramas are right here who starred in same drama wow
    Park hyung sik
    And seo kang joon well right now i am watching are you human too and then i 'll watch strong woman do bong soon.


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