Happy Together - Seo Taiji Special (2014.10.30)


Seo Taiji is the only guest on this Special show where he talks about the four albums he released with ‘Seo Taiji and Boys’. He also talks about his past and …


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  1. Erwin
    Erwin says:

    He is right up there with the biggest legends in music history. I learned about him two years ago. Of the three that were Seo Taiji & Boys only he stayed true to its spirit.

  2. Jocelyn leyva
    Jocelyn leyva says:

    OKAY SO I’m an international fan of bts, and saw that they performed w him right…and learning about seo taji and the LEGEND he is has been a strangely eye opening experience, the Influence he had on Korea in the 80’s and 90’s is incredible and I wish more musical legends like him were recognized as American and European ones are

  3. Donteventry_
    Donteventry_ says:

    This is not how I imagine him to be from watching his old videos and listening about him. He's seems like a completely different person than I imagined him to be.

  4. Bryce Barber
    Bryce Barber says:

    International fan of kpop. I've always heard so much about Taiji so this was soo amazing to learn more about the legend who paved the way for the genre and diversity in sound itself

  5. Shut up Tanya
    Shut up Tanya says:

    He looks amazing for 46! Its funny, the first song I heard he screamed in it. But he talks so gently and shyly AHHHHHH. He’s 30 years my senior but he’s amazing!


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