How To Rank Your Website Quickly With Low Competition Keywords


There are 2 ways to get your website at the top of the rankings… 1) High Competition Keywords: This is time consuming difficult, and a real uphill battle in order …


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  1. emir kovacevic
    emir kovacevic says:

    this software is bad, for example type in cheapest air rifles , it will show 93 score and 50 sites competitors…
    in reality its way way HARDER etc. but yeah good tut and advice on long tails…

  2. Dougie MF Hoppa
    Dougie MF Hoppa says:

    Those fortune 500 companies have long money thats why its hard ranking for those keywords awesome video I was just wondering were do you add the keywords to get ranked I use keywords in my blog I just haven't been ranked were do I add them to get ranked or indexed thanks.


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