Rank Any Website Tutorial - Setting up a Private Blog Network Part 1


I go over what you need to do to build a highly effective blog network using a Private Blog Network and 2.0 sites. Below you will find links to everything I talk …


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  1. Mark Pomett
    Mark Pomett says:

    Yup. This works. Good Stuff Bill. I would just like to add the higher the quality for the first two tiers the more effective the link juice and rank push.  Keep the relevancy high and you will accrue massive domain authority.

  2. Ceri Thomas
    Ceri Thomas says:

    Thanks Bill! You have obviously put allot of effort into your tutorials but I have a few questions I would greatly appreciate answering:

    1. Taking this video scenario into consideration with the 5 PBN sites, are these all targeting direct money keywords?

    2. How fast would you add the 5 PBN sites?

    3. For the 20 – 40 Network, are these all targeting direct money keywords? or a variety of pillowing and synonyms?

    4. Over what duration will you add the 20 – 40 Network sites?

    5. Do you have any regime to the anchors used within these that can be put into a action plan, seeing some examples would be very handy.

    6. Do you do any external pillowing outside of the networks or is all done within them?

    7. Do you continue to add content to all the network sites ongoing, if so is this done on any specific routine?

    I apologize for all the questions but there are many variables that the video does not discuss, if not actioned correctly I'm sure could result in penalties and wasted time. 


  3. Darrel Dressel
    Darrel Dressel says:

    Another question for you Bill. What's your strategy for creating tier one content? Do you trust an automated resource like Kontent Machine or Article Builder to produce enough quality or do you hire writers/write it yourself?

  4. Ray Rod
    Ray Rod says:

    Hi Bill, great tutorial. Learned a lot. So you think is it ok to buy an expired domain and add content related to your niche even if it is completely different to what it once was? A lot of people are getting the content off of wayback machine to try to avoid getting penalized in the future. I just find it so hard to find good domains related to my niche and it would take me forever. Also, how big of a BN do you think I would need to rank on top of a local search for a competitive/non competitve term? Thanks!

  5. Forrest Perry
    Forrest Perry says:

    Bill = NO fluffy/BS SEO…I love it!   for the 1st time in history..  This guy is straightforward and  to the point..  Bill… Why aren't you charging for this? ha


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