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Lesson Code: In this video exercise we …


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  1. Adam Khoury
    Adam Khoury says:

    If you lose the linkage to your images, css, js or any external files… read this below:
    That happens when we use relative paths to resources in our page.
    Add / before the relative path to the external resources that seem to have disappeared. What that does is makes the path absolute instead of relative, meaning the file can access the resources like normal. It behaves that way because those rewrite directories do not actually exist on the server so the file has trouble finding the relatively linked to resource. Or use the full absolute URL path to the external resource the page is linking to.

  2. Ventures
    Ventures says:

    I found you once years ago and then I lost you. Now I found you again. Thank God! You're the best ever Adam. This world needs someone who flat out tells you how to do something and you do it in a way that anyone can understand. I hope you never ever stop making videos man. You are a blessing.

  3. Ptmp727
    Ptmp727 says:

    Good video, but Im struggling to find a comprehensive video about this subject.
    Even in this video, its a bit hard coded, what if I have 50 pages? And not every page is called user,
    I managed to create a dynamic front controller for index.php
    But now I want it to dynamically remove the .php from multiple pages such as: /About, index.php/Contact etc without the .php extension, as well as the ability to go back to home linking to index.php

  4. James A Wilson
    James A Wilson says:

    Great tutorial. Learned a lot. Added the needed code to a module on my site. Created "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <" errors for 8 of the files linked from the module. Added a '/' in front of the path to each file and got a 404 error. Any idea as to a solution.

  5. Mahboob Ahmed Chishti
    Mahboob Ahmed Chishti says:

    thanks for the great tut's ,, can u plz make a tuts where in we can ask htaccess to skip few pages (like about us / contact us etc pages ) and activate slug on on profile page / details page / user page etc (basically asking where dynamic content is required.. ) this was the first part ..
    second part is fetching dynamic content from article .. it show 1/new article
    now how can we make it to render article hiding in between dynamic values.. if possible… looking forward can it be possible to have both requirement in 1 .htaccess file thanks in advance

  6. Khalfan Mohamed
    Khalfan Mohamed says:

    when I click on the first link the contents get loaded, but when I click another link in the same page which shares the same RewriteRule, the link of the second gets added to the first link and no changes I get, Help me solve this problem please

    First click

    second click on another link

    my .htaccess file

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^article/([0-9]+)/([0-9a-zA-Z]+) index.php?id=$1&type=$2

  7. Nic Parker
    Nic Parker says:

    bro what is up with this htaccess URL page.? It takes info from one page….and puts it on another page though the server network you have? So no code goes on the page or how to you get the get and post to function through the htaccess? Seems everyone is missing that….It would be helpful to have a example that works thought a htaccess and the string query and tags.
    I just to do HTML so this is PHP and need to upload PHP file to the htaccess as a fresh page to accept the action? Who knows right?


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