SEO Basics With GoDaddy


Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. There are several steps you can take to improve your search engine rankings that don’t …


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  1. Seth Carnett
    Seth Carnett says:

    @godaddy: you telling us not to trick the robot, but really isn't that a trick so paying customers can use that technique without to much competition… I want a discount or I will have more 2ndopinions. xD lol No over all I think you should USE honest work ethics. That said… I need someone who knows how to do that with me. 🙂

  2. Wesley Bichoff
    Wesley Bichoff says:

    —- Be careful about godaddy —
    I've canceled the SSL certificate 2 months ago and I was Told que I'd receive a refund to my credit card. After a few days, I received an email Informing That It would Actually be deposited to my Godaddy account.
    At first, as I had a VPS server, I did not see any issue. The deal is That You Have simply canceled my server (Saying That It was not paid). I lost all my data and emails from my websites (Which are 6), and I'm without access to it for over 5 days. I not even have access to the data to put in a different server.
    Summarizing, I am being charged for USD $ 150.00 (around BRL $ 650.00) to give back my date info que Were unfairly deleted, because I had credit left. That's an outrage; it should not be Demanded payment from me to access my files and neither I am obliged to stay for 2 hours on the phone to listen to people que barely speak Portuguese say that "that's nothing They can do, either I pay or lose full access to my website date.
    Two of Them are e-commerce websites, and collegues I'm not able to Access Them Has Been Causing injury que me I can not even start to count.
    I lost a life's work!!!

  3. Vancouver SEO Expert
    Vancouver SEO Expert says:

    Thanks for this, it's informative on marketing and not just seo, good to know Google's mindset on improving search. If they don't get results people want, then fewer people would want to use their services.

  4. Teri McGreevy
    Teri McGreevy says:

    o my….been paging through several of these go daddy info lessons…..can you people GET ON WITH IT???? talk talk talk talk I want to learn, you guys gab about yourselves like we want to be friends with yous TEACH

  5. DIYSprinklerbook
    DIYSprinklerbook says:

    Definitely one of the more interesting and conversational discussions on the topic of SEO. Pfunder is a good natural speaker. He doesn't get too dry and yet after the hour expired, I found myself looking down at my notes and seeing some very useful and actionable information. This was an hour well spent.


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