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  1. iFoodieTV
    iFoodieTV says:

    The average time of my video is 16 seconds. It is more like a commercial for my app. Should I focus on more functionality of the app or just make bla blah commercials for the app?

  2. Starr Phann
    Starr Phann says:

    Hi, How do I keep a hacker from suppressing my video views and subscribers. I have a stalker who is a prosecutor that wants to ruin everything I do. They especially don't want any of my YouTube videos to go viral. This guy, Aaron Morrill and his wife, creator of Fizzy Lizzy sodas, don't want anyone to see videos of their employees stalking and harassing me. when you view my videos, the number of views are slow to increase even when you have a group of people like…200 people watch my videos around the same time. The numbers are very slow to increase. my hacker erased some of my videos before then put them back after I wrote "they're hacking me right now" in one of my video descriptions. Any suggestions?

  3. Kunes Country TV
    Kunes Country TV says:

    Hi Tim, thanks for all the great vids. Is watch time judged by the total time watched, or the percentage of time watched in relation to video length? For example, if I have a bunch of 5 minute videos, and on average people watch 3 minutes of them, is that still a good number because they watched 3 minutes? Or is it a bad number because they're not watching all 5 minutes?


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