How To Quickly Rank Your Web Page In Google


How to quickly rank web pages in Google. Latest course can be found here: This video lesson shows how to achieve top search …


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  1. chizee 3
    chizee 3 says:

    Hello there, thanks for the tutorial. I need to know how this can work for a blogger who addresses numerous topics on the same website? I upload different posts from time to time so one minute I may be blogging about cats and the next time dogs for example. So if I have fixed my URL to mention cats, what do I do the next time I blog about dogs and so on?

  2. Madhu Babu
    Madhu Babu says:

    Thank you for this video it helps a lot.And i have a online shopping website if i follow this steps , how many days it will shows in google first page,or is there any other methods for online shopping websites.could you please share any idea on this.Thank you.

  3. Yousaf Soap
    Yousaf Soap says:

    Great job. Excellent Information. This video was published in 2013, still true in 2016. If everyone has full knowledge of this, this technique will become some what obselete perhaps. More and more knowledge is being spreaded. It is sooner becoming old school.


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